About Dasaxos.am project

“Dasaxos.am” is the first professional online community of teachers and tutors in Armenia. We perform an important social function, providing an opportunity for education professionals to achieve their professional goals. We help students to find a tutor that best meets their criteria in a convenient area and at a reasonable price. The goal of the project is to help everyone in obtaining quality educational services. The range of our proposals is quite wide, from preschool development of kids to preparation for passing school, entrance, as well as international exams in all subjects. Moreover, in our database of tutors there are specialists from absolutely different industries and areas of expertise. We are faithful to the principles of high morality and ethics: we strictly condemn all kinds of offenses associated with passing exams or writing scientific papers for money and actively oppose any such manifestations. All services for students (consultations, selection of a tutor) are free. The lessons themselves are paid by the client directly to the teacher, without commission. All teachers are interviewed upon registration, many are subject to certification, and some provide authoritative recommendations. But the main assessment of the tutor’s qualification is the feedback on the classes, which we collect from each of our clients. We are always open to cooperation and business proposals.